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Heather Guidry, L.M.T.
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Welcome to Body Exhale Massage Therapy

Regular therapeutic massage helps maintain and improve your strength, flexibility, coordination and energy no matter what your age! Although aging is unavoidable, physical and mental well-being need not deteriorate over the years. Exercise, good nutrition and therapeutic massage accentuates and improves health – keeping your life active and enjoyable. It can also enhance physical and occupational therapy programs. Free yourself from unnecessary discomfort through therapeutic massage!

Regular Massage Benefits You By:

● Toning muscles and skin
● Increasing flexibility in joints and muscles
● Reducing blood pressure
● Offering a caring and nurturing touch
● Decreasing stress
● Enhancing capacity for clearer thinking
● Improving digestion
● Maintaining health
● Improving posture
● Expanding range of motion

body exhale body exhale body exhale